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Low Self Esteem - What Are 7 Basic Symptoms of Low Self Esteem?
Don't let low self-esteem keep you from getting ahead.
Don't let it rob you of the life you were called to live.
Low self-esteem in women is known to be one of the highest contributing factors to self sabotage and stress.
It's defined as having a lack of confidence and value for one's self.
Statistics show that girls usually start to experience low self-esteem after the age of 9 and continues well into their college years.
When low self-esteem is left unattended, it can turn into worry, depression, feelings of worthlessness and other mental issues.
Here are 7 symptoms to help you identify signs of low self-esteem:
1. Lack Of Social Interaction.
If you notice that you don't enjoy hanging around your friends as much and every time they ask you to do something you seem uninterested, you may be suffering from low self-esteem. You may be thinking to yourself, "Why would they want to hang around me, I'm not doing anything."
2. Never Happy With Anything.
If you make a special cake 640-893 Test Questions  for someone, they give you a compliment on it, and you apologize to them because you think it could have been better, you are showing another lack of confidence sign.
3. Crying For No Reason.
Crying when your emotional is one thing, but crying because you think someone doesn't like your outfit is something different. That's another sign of low confidence.
4. Saying "I'm Worthless" and Meaning It.
We might play around and say "I'm worthless" when we mess up on a project or over-cook something, but if you have low self-esteem you think almost everything you do is no good. You think that your contribution to anything is pointless.
5. Refusing To Get Dressed Or Dressing Sloppy All The Time.
You might say "Why am I going to get dressed, just so I have to get undressed again. I may as well stay in these clothes." or "Who am I suppose to be getting all cutesy for, I don't have anyone to impress."
6. Think Everyone Is Talking About You Behind Your Back.
Whenever you decide to accept social 642-591 Test Questions  gatherings, you always think that people are whispering and talking about you, your clothes, your hair, the way you walk, your smile...etc. Even if no one is paying you any attention, you somehow think that they are secretly talking about you.
7. Believing your actions mean nothing.
You could save someone from a burning building, save a cat stuck in a tree, or stop a child from getting hit by a car, but while people are praising you, telling you what a heroic thing you have done, all you can think is that they are just saying it to be nice. You believe anybody can do what you did. You hardly ever see your deeds as noble or extraordinary.
Bottom line, low self-esteem can steal your life away from you if you let it. Don't let it. If your showing anyone of these signs or symptoms, talk to someone who can help you out of your FUNK, and get you back into the game of life. We're all waiting for you.
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