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Low Self Esteem And Children: It's Not That Big A Problem Is It?
Imagine finding out your child has low self esteem. It's not pleasant. I work with parents every day who have been told their child has this issue. Some of them are quite complacent and have no plans to do anything about it until I explain what can happen if you do nothing to help these children.
So what happens if you do nothing? Well it just may be that you score it lucky and the child manages to find a way through the low self esteem maze all by themselves to come out the other side as a well adjusted adult. But if they don't, this is just some of what could happen. Untreated it can result in:Alcohol and drug abuse
Alcoholism: A False Stigmata: Low Self Esteem The True Disease
Depression and suicide
Eating disorders
Poor interpersonal relationships
Teenage pregnancy:

The consequences of ignoring this problem are very serious... at the very least the person can have difficulty with interpersonal relationships; at worst they may take their HP0-Y33 Test Questions  own lives.
So if you think your child may have low self 000-603 Test Questions  esteem, I would urge you to take active steps to help them improve how positively they think about themselves. The problems children can suffer if it is left untreated as they grow older are very unpleasant. And really when it all comes down to it, ensuring your child has healthy self esteem is the greatest gift you can give them.
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